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*STICKY* Master Post: DENIAL

Title: Denial (or, 5 times Bones touched Jim when he wouldn’t know, and 1 time he did) -- MASTERPOST
Author: Brytewolf
Rating: R for the story itself, the Epilogue is NC-17
Words: ~26,500
Series: Star Trek: 2009
Pairing: Jim/Bones
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, much as I may want to.
Summary: 5 times Bones touched Jim when he wouldn't know, and 1 time  he did. "When Leo bumped into the kid at the bar, he never knew that he'd met the one who would save him from his loneliness." A 5+1 fic created originally for
[info]avictoriangirl. She passed the original plot bunny on to me, and I took it and ran.

The First Touch | The Second Touch | The Third Touch
The Fourth Touch | The Fifth Touch | The Sixth Touch | The Epilogue

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This post just makes me so HAPPY. *wanders off singing the 'Happpy Happy Joy Joy' song*

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Hey, bb, hey! You gots to tell me how to make it a sticky so it doesn't float away xD
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*iz squeezed* :D Oh sure, bb! Just edit the entry and up at the top where the date is, click the edit linky, post date the entry for sometime in the future and make sure you tick the little box that says 'Date out of order'. That's all there is to it! *smoochy kisses*

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Ok ok ok. So I did that. It's not appearing in my f-list anymore. Is that normal? Can other people still see them? *flails like a confused flaily thing*
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It's ok, bb! *pets you* Once you post something out of date order it will no longer show up on your friends page, but the entries still show up in your journal and if you have linked to them the links will still work. But when I said to post date for sometime in the future, I meant much farther into the future! Change the year to something like 2020, otherwise it won't remain a sticky for long. ;)

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Ahhhhh! And that's how I control which one is on top, too...interesting, interesting.... *thinky face*
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Yep! You got it, bb! :D Ooooh, cowboy Karl. *leers* Jim's gonna be ridden hard and put away wet. :DDDD

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Ohhhh, bb, I love the way your mind works -- gives me such wonderful mental images (that always distract me cause they want to be written down, must behave!!)
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Heh. Appropriate icon is appropriate. ;D NOOOO! Don't behave! YOU. MUST. WRITE. THEM. DOWN.

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BUT TEIM, bb!! I need TEIM!!!! Ahhhh!!!! And I just remembered my reel_trek story is due by the 14. Crap. Crap crap crap. TEIM!!!!!
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Ack! *tries to send you MOAR TEIM through the intrawebs*

I raise your Karl!crotch with one Chris!crotch. XD

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PHEW! I checked yesterday, and it's due on the 20th. But still!! TEIM!!! And I didn't get TEIM to make you comment!fic this weekend, which I'm terribly sorry for, bb, and will be correcting as soon's I get the chance xD

I see your Chris!bulge, and I raise you Karl!belly :D
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Aww, it's ok, bb! I can be patient. :D ♥

I see your Karl!belly and raise you Chris!hipdip. HNNNNGH. M'kay, I'm all in nao. *fans self*

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Really, bb? Patience has never been ur middle name xD

Nnnngggggggggg....Hipdip.......Wha? Oh, yeah. I raise you Karl!Kiss!!!!! And nao I is all in too. Spread em!!!!!
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ROFLS! Ok, you know me too well, bb. XD

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Very Pretty and Nifty BB!

I bow to your greatness!

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Lol, thank you bb! I'm just procrastinating and doing some organizing -- like I've been doing for weeks.

*Glares at the next chapter of Flavor, which just glares right back*

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But BB, It is so much fun to procrastinate and play games!

You just gotta play it cool, let Flavor know that you are not afraid or mad at it. Let your awesomeness make it come to you so that it begs to hold your amazing ideas! XD

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Lol! If only I was a Klingon, and could impress on Flavor that I mean SRS BZNSS so it would buckle down and behave!!xD

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Take that Flavor! Lady Brytewolf of the Honorable House of Authors is here! Qap'la!

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LOL!! Exactly xD

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OMFG! ... just clicked on the link and this, THIS is one of the ones in my 'have printed off to read pile'

I. kid. You. Not!

With real life being a bi*atch I whizz through my friends list for stories that I'd like to read when I have the time and THIS is one of them.

Crap, stuff 'switch' I gotta go read this next now don't I ;)