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*STICKY* Master Post: The Flavor of Laughter

Title: The Flavor of Laughter -- MASTER POST
Author: Brytewolf
Beta: [ profile] awarrington
Series: Star Trek XI
Pairing: Kirk/Spock
Rating: PG-13
Words: Total so far, ~100k
Genre: Adventure/Romance
Summary: He is Starfleet’s youngest captain. But he is untried, and inexperienced. What kind of captain will James Tiberius Kirk become? A story in three parts. Slow-building, will eventually be K/S.

Trek Crew

Part One, Chapter One | Part One, Chapter Two | Part One, Chapter Three |
Part One, Chapter Four | Part One, Chapter Five | Part One, Chapter Six |
Part One, Chapter Seven | Part One, Chapter Eight | Part One, Chapter Nine |
Part One, Chapter Ten | Part One, Chapter Eleven | Part One, Chapter Twelve

Part Two, Chapter One | Part Two, Chapter Two | Part Two, Chapter Three |
Part Two, Chapter Four | Part Two, Chapter Five | Part Two, Chapter Six |
Part Two, Chapter Seven
| Part Two, Chapter Eight | Part Two, Chapter Nine |
Part Two, Chapter Ten | Part Two, Chapter Eleven| Part Two, Chapter Twelve

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