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Procrastination Station!!!

Stolen from [ profile] amine_eyes <.<

The first TEN people to comment in this post get to request that I write a drabble/fic of any pairing/character of their choosing. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level.  Or perhaps I just want prompts to fill up my time, and will remove the requirement for the reciprocal posting <.<


Fandoms: Star Trek: 2009, Gundam Wing, Final Fantasy, Heralds of Valdemar and if I'm familiar with the Fandom you want, I'll do my best. Oh. And Star Trek: 2009 cast RPF.

I can't promise they'll be done quickly (as I do have a 2nd full time job, known as The Flavor of Laughter, and there's that thing called schoolwork that I'm supposed to be doing every once in a while) but I will do at least one per week!!

Claimed Slots:

1. [ profile] amine_eyes Bones/Scotty bromance FILLED!!
2. [ profile] yup_thats_it Chris/Zach Christmas presents of sexiness FILLED!!
3. [ profile] avictoriangirl Jim/Bones, Chris/Karl cowboys of nom nom nom
4. [ profile] elfsausage Jim/Bones, Chris/Karl and a fascination with Jim/Chris' nomworthy belleh of JOY
5. [ profile] blumvale Spock/Kirk/McCoy threesome joy
6. Empteh
7. Empteh
8. Empteh
9. Empteh
10. Empteh

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Since you've been evil to me, I'm going to be evil back ...

oh, wait ... *ponders*

Ah! I'd LOVE some Scotty / McCoy bromance :D You know the two of them would have the best drink, the best jokes, and the best time on shoreleave :)

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Ye gads. You have NO idea how evil that is. You managed to jump RIGHT to the only character I have no grasp of!!! The *only* reason Scotty appears in my Big Thing is cause I have to. I can't do his accent, I don't understand his motivations and...and...

OK. Shoreleave. Some drinks. Some jokes. I can do zhat. xD

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*evil cackle from the other side of the Atlantic*

This is going to be so weird writing Jim and Spock xD

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The Point System

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He can’t decide if he likes the Scotsman. And it’s not as if Scotty is intentionally making the decision difficult for Bones, but still. It started from the first time Bones learned about Scotty – about how he did everything within his power to get Jim back on the ship, so Jim could continue saving the world. Which was a good thing, and a point in Scotty’s favor – and Bones doesn’t hand out points frivolously.

But, at the same time, Scotty did everything in his power to get Jim back to the ship. Including risking Jim’s life and limb on a crazy formula for transwarp beaming given by someone who claimed to be from the future. So, negative five points.

After that, Bones was feeling better about the whole exchange. At -4, it was very unlikely that Scotty would be able to resurrect himself, and would just dig himself further in the hole, and Bones had written him off as “unlikeable.”

But then the crazy Scot had saved their asses from the black hole. +2 – Bones was feeling generous, after his own life was saved and all. And there was that time at Sellix XIII, when those crazy bug-people were chasing down Jim and Bones, and only Scotty’s amazing transporter skills saved them before they became mush. But Scotty only got 1 point for that.

And then Bones learned about the existence of the “secret still” – and well, anything is better than synthehol, and he could see how it was possible that Scotty might eventually get himself into Bones’ good graces, and the engineer got +4 points for his ingenuity.

Bones was feeling good, up until the last disaster struck. He was aware that Scotty was a tinkerer, and enjoying making constant “improvements” to the ship – which Bones didn’t mind, in principle, because anything that made this damn hell-hole safer was a good thing in his opinion. But the Scotsman had to mess with the replicators. And not just any segment of the replicators, but the coffee making programs. And the only thing that kept Bones going after a hard night of patching Jim back together suddenly tasted like frog sweat. And, three weeks later, it still hasn’t been corrected. The damn cretin can’t figure out what went wrong. And oh, oh that was the last straw. -50 points, and Scotty was so far in the hole he could never resurrect himself. Bones had firmly written him off, dismissed him as evil.

And of course, that means that right now, when they’re on shore leave, and Bones is looking forward to a couple days spent alone with Jim – who does he get sent down with instead? Well, Jim did explain that he had that meeting with the diplomats, and would be coming down later, but for the first entire day Bones has no one but Scotty for company.

Crossing his arms over his chest and raising his eyebrow, he glares at the Scotsman – who gives him a grin that has just a touch of insanity in it, and walks up to one of the natives. Before Bones can stop him, Scotty has the native by the arm and is accosting him.

“Nae, Ah donnae want t’ eatcha,” the Scot explains to the native, who stares up at him with terrified eyes, “Yer best pub, point me to it, eh?”

While the universal translator tries to make sense of Scotty’s mangled sentences, Bones realizes he will have to re-think his whole point system. Cause any man who’s first thought is finding a bar is a good man in Bones’ books.
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Re: The Point System

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Did I mention how extremely AWESOME YOU ARE!!!

*smushes you*

I love Bones' point systems! And his internal logic! And Scotty being awesome!

*squees indecently loudly*
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Re: The Point System

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Ahahaha! I love the point system. You are awesome, bb! ♥

Re: The Point System

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Re: The Point System

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Oh, this is darling! I love McCoy's point system and how oblivious Scotty is.

Re: The Point System

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This is really fun. :-)

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Chris/Zach Christmas get away before ST XII starts filing. Special gifts of the sexy variety alround.

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Ohhhh, I haven't done any Chris/Zach yet. This one is gonna be fun ^_^

For Just The Two of Them

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Chris settles on the couch next to Zach, legs comfortably pressed against the other man’s, as he hands over his package. It’s not as neatly wrapped as the one he was given, but he did it himself and he knows that’s what counts. He fingers the present on his own lap, not able to keep the grin from his lips. He’s anxious to find out what’s inside, but he can wait.

“Open yours first,” he tells Zach, letting one hand fall to rest on the other man’s knee, tracing anxious circles over the fabric of Zach’s slacks with a thumb.

Zach gives him one of those smiles he reserves only for Chris, the crinkly ones with the happiness around the edges – it makes Chris’ heartbeat increase, and sweat appear in the palms of his hands. The apartment is cheerful around them, classic lights and decorations hanging all around. The Christmas party has ended, their friends and coworkers have all left, and the apartment is empty but for the two of them. They’re free to let down the façade, and just be comfortable and together – which is why their special presents, only for the two of them, are able to be exchanged.

Then Zach’s long, tapered fingers are removing the wrapping paper. Carefully, starting at the seams and making sure not to rip the paper. His eyes are intent and focused, and Chris can’t help but watch intently – there’s just something about the way he moves, his deliberateness, that’s always drawn Chris to him.

The box is opened with the same care, and after the last piece of tape is removed the lid is lifted to reveal the gift beneath. Chris watches Zach’s eyes carefully, unsurprised to find their expression falls slightly when what’s revealed is a warm gray sweater that Chris has worn several times. It’s his favorite.

Those deep brown eyes rise to meet Chris’, and an attempt at a smile appears at the corner of Zach’s lips. Chris pretends not to see how much effort has to go into it, giving his best smile as he squeezes Zach’s knee.

“What do you think?” he asks, as Zach lifts the sweater out of its box.

“It is….” Zach’s voice trails off, as he fails to come up with a compliment. Sighing, he sets the sweater back down again and glances at his own present – still cradled in Chris’ lap – with something akin to desperation. “I thought the presents we were exchanging now were supposed to be the ones we could enjoy together. The fun, sexy ones.”

Chris’ smile gets even bigger, as he brushes a finger over the soft folds of the sweater. Good. He wanted to explain.

“This is,” he begins, leaning forward as he sets his own package on the coffee table without looking. His hand trails up Zach’s thigh, over taut abs and strong chest to rest over a broad shoulder. “This is my sweater, and each and every time you wear it in public, we’ll both know.”

Licking his lips at the thought, nose brushing against Zach’s, he pauses. “We’ll both know that you belong to me, you’ll be wearing proof for everyone to see – and no one will have a clue.”

The smile he gets then is worth it, and he sees it for just a moment before Zach’s arms are wrapped around him, and the sweater falls forgotten to the floor.
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*sigh* It sucks to not be a writer sometimes. :( Oh well. *cuddles Denial close to my chest* :D

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*squeezes you*

My bb never has to ask for ficcies ^_^ You desire and you shall receive!!!

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I wish that I had time and writing ability to do this.

If you want a distraction, you should ask Herman about writing a fic where Kirk/Spock have been bonded since Birth. Amanda and Sarek were traveling on the Kelvin when it was attacked, and while Amanda was able to make it off holding Baby!Spock with Winona, Sarek did not. In the wake of the Physic backlash from Sarek dieing, young Spock's mind instinctively latches onto the closest compatible mind, the newly born James T. Kirk.

Good Luck with your prompts, school, and your Job BB!

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Lol! Time? I don't have any time xD But I *do* enjoy short little ficlets I can work on once I'm done with my required 1k words of Flavor for the day.

The prompt here is too long for me to do in 1k or less, but if you can come up with something shorter I'll do one for you without you having to play the proper game. ^_^

(BTW, I still remember the other prompt you gave me, and it's in my head on the backburner. I just make not be able to get to it for a while xD)

*HUGS* Thank you, bb, you too!!! I only have two lil classes, but you have a full load!! The end of the tunnel is in sight!!! You can do it!!!

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is that a real story? I'd love to read it!

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Woo hoo! Will you write me one?!

See that lovely belly icon you've got going there? How about a fic based on that delicious torso, and Karl's or Bones' reaction to it?

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Lol!! Definitely, bb :D

Ohhhh, you mean this icon? The one that makes me drool and think dirty thoughts the moment I look at it, even after having it for a week? OH YES, I can WRITE THINGS xD
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OHMYGOD. I second this! Hnnnnngh.

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BB, if you still want to be distracted you should try watching Deep Space Nine.

[ profile] prelocandkanar describes it better than I ever could:

The big joke about DS9 was that they were boldly going… nowhere. They’re staying in one place? How dull. Who wants to hear the story about the one who doesn’t leave home? Give me the wandering adventurer any day. By staying in one place, the characters of DS9 were forced to deal with the consequences of their actions, and thus grew and changed in ways that no other ST series characters ever did. By staying in one place, the show was perfect for the long story arcs which never existed in Star Trek at the time.

She has an in depth review of the pilot over here that reminds me of just how not everyone knows of the awesomeness that is ds9. I am in the middle of my own rewatch with my siblings, and we are at the start of the Dominion War and I had completely forgotten epicness of it. The space battles and plot lines blow me away.

You will not be disappointed if you start to watch this series BB!

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Dear God, I actually started to watch the youtube vid that I gave you and it got really blurry and icky looking. Every link that I find is like that! T_T

I found this megavideo link from this master list, which is slightly better. Man, I wish I could give you the shiny dvds with them on it because those are clear as crystal.

Enjoy BB!

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BB, you are in Texas Right?

Did you see this post on [ profile] ontd_startrek?

You can watch a sneak peak of Karl Urban's new movie Red September 23rd to September 30th in Austin, TX at the Alamo Drafthouse. That is what a little over an hour from where you are?

OMG, I am so jealous.

Re: RED in TEXAS!!!

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Lol, yeah, Austin's about an hour away. Hmmmmmmmmmm. We will have to see if we can make it....

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I have no idea if you're still filling prompts but I figured I'd give it a shot and throw out a Spock/Kirk/McCoy idea. Maybe something to do with valentine's day since it is close to the 14th :)

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I will add it to the list, but as you can tell I am horribly behind in reply/writing anything new. With what little free time I have I'm focusing on getting my Big Thing finished :)

But it will come at SOME POINT XD