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Thursday, November 11th, 2010 10:56 am
Title: Imagining
Author: Brytewolf
Rating: PG-13
Words: ~600
Series: Star Trek: 2009
Pairing: Jim/Bones
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, much as I may want to.
Summary: Jim is showing Bones Iowa for the first time, and Bones can't quite wrap his head around how empty the state truly is. This was a comment!fic originally posted in the Daily Captain, Daily Doctor posts of mega inspiration in [ profile] jim_and_bones.



Jim hops on the back of the faithful Deere, resting his head in his hands and trying to hide his smirk behind his fingers as he watches Bones.

The doctor is staring at the landscape with fascination, the endless fields waving softly in the half-light of dusk. The wind also plays with Bones' hair, the soft strands blowing gently like there are fingers running through it.

Jim has no problem visualizing fingers running through it – his. But he's practiced at holding in these impulses, and just waits. His grin widens as he sees faint frown lines appear between Bones' expressive eyebrows.

He imagines smoothing them away with the side of a thumb, as the doctor turns to look at him quizzically.


Now he knows his grin is visible, even through the shielding fingertips, "And what?"

"What are we doin' tonight, kid?"

Jim spreads his hands wide, indicating the vast full emptiness surrounding them.

"This is it, Bones." He's really enjoying this far more than he should, but he had a suspicion that Bones thought he was exaggerating about Iowa – and he doesn't feel the least shred of guilt in proving himself right.

The frown lines disappear, the right eyebrow rising in surprise. No longer a thumb – that definitely requires being kissed away.

Bones shakes his head as he takes a step towards Jim. "Really? There's not a damn thing to do the entire evening?"

A grin, as Jim states what he suspects Bones has already calculated.

"The nearest bar is an hour and a half away, if we ignore speed limits."

The doctor raises a hand, his movement causing the muscles of his arm and chest to ripple under the tight t-shirt. Jim can feel his hands exploring those muscles, mesmerizing each line. Then Bones' hand tangles in his hair, in just the way Jim was wishing to just moments before.

And he knows he's staring, but he can't help it.

Two steps closer, as a little half-smile flashes across Bones' face. That little dimple requires a lick – or three.

"Damn, kid – what did you do as a child, sit and watch the grass grow?"

Jim shrugs, his hand waving vaguely in the house's direction – he doesn't want to take his eyes off Bones, highlighted in the colors of the setting sun. It makes him realize how beautiful the sunsets are, here; and how much he missed them.

"Well, there's a deck of cards in the house. And some board games if we get desperate."

Bones stretches, the t-shirt riding up and exposing a glimpse of tight abs. For those…those get a nuzzle, soft stubble awakening skin as scent is inhaled.

Distracted by his daydream, Jim doesn't notice that Bones took another step forward – until the doctor's body is warm in the space between his thighs, and there are two large hands on Jim's knees.

"Well, Darlin'…I'm sure we can find some way to keep occupied for the next week – while we're by ourselves."

Staring into hazel eyes, framed by long delicate lashes that require soft kisses, Jim gulps audibly. He'd respond, but it seems his brain melted after Bones' second word.

But he doesn't have to, as Bones leans in – closing the last distance between them, and pausing just centimeters away.

Jim can't take his eyes off those lips, imagining taking them in his own, crushing his mouth against them and never coming up for air.

And so he does.

Title: Afterwards
Author: Brytewolf
Rating: PG-13
Words: ~800
Series: Star Trek: 2009
Pairing: Jim/Bones
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, much as I may want to.
Summary: A hectic mission is finally over with, and Bones is finally free to take care of his Captain. This was a comment!fic originally posted in the Daily Captain, Daily Doctor posts of mega inspiration in [ profile] jim_and_bones.



He settles down next to Jim in the mess hall, sighing as his bones protest the movement. It's been a crazy couple of days, as testified by the growth of stubble that exploded along his jawline. Stubble is also apparent on Jim's face, but due to weird quirks of genetics his isn't as rampant as Bones'. Not that Bones minds, either way – Jim is Jim, and no matter what he's achingly beautiful.

Even now, when exhaustion has extinguished most of the light in those bright blue eyes, and there is sadness hovering around him. The outcome was not what they had desired, but it was better than expected, so Bones knows Jim isn't beating himself up too bad.

But he's still beating himself up, as he always does after hectic missions like this one. Analyzing every little action and reaction to see what he could do differently – as he's often done out loud, with Bones' help. It's one of the things that makes him such a fantastic captain.

And Bones also knows that Jim hasn't eaten in hours, perhaps close to a day, and that the last time he did it was probably one of those nasty protein pouches. Which is why he came prepared, and scoots the tray he was carrying along the table and in front of Jim.

The other man glances down at the heaping pile of food, and rewards Bones with a smile.

"Thanks, Bones," he murmurs, before picking up the top item on the pile, and automatically begins eating. Bones watches, secretly entertained, as the light of hunger sparks in Jim's eyes, and he devours the food in earnest. He's never wrong – not where Jim is concerned.

A mumble, heard around a mouthful of food. Letting a real smile show, because of what his answer will be, Bones replies, "No casualties, at least on our side. And everyone in Sickbay is out of critical."

He runs a hand through his already messed up hair, pushing away the thoughts of what Sickbay was like just an hour before. That's done, and over with, just like whatever was happening on the Bridge or the rest of the ship, and they can get back to being them again.

Jim nods, a genuine smile appearing on his lips as he shovels in another spoonful of food. Bones has to resist the urge to shake his head – the other man didn't even notice that every dish on the tray is one of his favorites.

Snitching one of the apples to satisfy his own appetite – unlike Jim, he's tried to cram some nutrition into his body on a regular basis, and isn't quite hungry yet – he takes a bite while he continues to watch Jim. The other man has cheered up exponentially, as if all he needed was some more fuel and he's ready to go charging into the fray once again.

Satisfied that Jim isn't going to fall apart under his watch, Bones allows himself to relax still further, presses a thigh against Jim's warmth. He's tired, and Jim's presence lulls him into a comfortable haze – even though they're surrounded by a bustling mess hall he has to struggle to keep his eyes open.

He gives up when a body leans against his side, an exhausted head rested on his shoulder. His arm automatically wraps around Jim, holding him close, as his lips press a kiss into the other man's hair. A soft burp, followed by a sigh of pleasure, makes him have to hide a grin.

"Thanks, Bones," Jim mumbles against his shoulder, his hands finding their way underneath Bones' shirt to curl around his sides. "The sunflower seeds were an especially appreciated touch."

Bones can't help the blush that grazes his cheekbones, glad that Jim can't see it from where he's settled. "Don't think nothing of it."

The head on his shoulder lifts itself, and Jim's blue eyes are looking into Bones'. There's a hint of a smile on his lips, the sadness gone from his face. Now he just looks content, and sleepy.

"Have to tell you," he explains around a yawn. "Otherwise you won't know – and you'll stop taking care of me."

Smiling, because Jim is adorable when he's tired, Bones places a finger under the other man's stubbled chin. A gentle nudge and those full lips are at the right angle, and he leans down to place a kiss upon them. Gentle, and soft – he tries to impart all the love he feels for this man into the simple gesture, letting it linger because he can.

"I always will, Darlin' – you can be sure of that," he murmurs when he finally lets the kiss end. He raises his other hand to run it through Jim's hair, and brush down the side of his face – loving how the other man leans into the touch. "Now let's get you off to bed."


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