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Monday, November 1st, 2010 09:08 am
Title: Pleasurable Consequences
Author: [ profile] brytewolf
Beta: [ profile] avictoriangirl
Rating: NC-17
Words: ~3,100
Series: Star Trek: 2009
Pairing: Jim/Bones
Warnings: Toys, Light Bondage
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, much as I may want to.
PWP. By the time Jim gets back from the conference, he forgets that Bones warned him -- there are consequences attached to wearing this particular accessory, and Jim is going to experience all of them.

A/N: I suck at titles. I also suck at summaries. But I'm proud of this one, and urge you to give it a try. You won't be disappointed. Prompted by these pictures and a particular paisley tie, as well as a conversation between [ profile] avictoriangirl and myself, concerning the depressing lack of toy porn in Jim/Bones. She convinced me that I need to do my part to fill that need XD.

Pleasurable Consequences

As he loosens his tie, Jim feels like he's loosening the noose that's slowly been constricting his air supply all night. Official gatherings of the upper echelon of Starfleet personnel always make him nervous, but this one more than most. Because this was the first time Jim was a guest speaker, and just thinking about his speech and the reasoning behind it makes him curse softly once again.

"Those damn Xelezians and their strange ideas of peace treaties," he mumbles, grateful for the door whirring shut behind them. There are some advantages to living inside a starship.

Hands on his shoulders, kneading tense muscles with a practiced touch. Jim groans and leans into Bones' fingers, loving how the other man immediately finds the worst of the knots and starts digging in with his thumbs. A grunt, but no other comment as Jim lets his jacket fall to the floor. Less fabric between them means it's easier for Bones' hands to work the sore muscles.

"You sounded comfortable up there," Bones finally replies, after the knot he's been working on is mostly taken care of. He begins gently steering Jim towards the bed, and seeing no reason to protest Jim slowly makes his way – kicking off his shoes as he goes.

"Good. If I can fool you, I can fool all those old men," he says with a yawn. He falls forward, into the comforting softness of the bed and rests his head on his arms. "I don't wanna do that again. Can't I just let Uhura do all the speeches for me?"

Bones snorts, straddling Jim's hips like he hoped he would. "I think that would defeat the purpose of bringing the Wonder-Captain in to show off," the doctor observes, and Jim can hear the frown that's surely on Bones' face. But he promptly forgets as the massage continues, as this time Bones has better leverage and is able to get deeper into the knots. Relaxing completely, Jim focuses on deep breathing.

The combination of Bones' hands on him, and knowing he's fulfilled all his obligations for the evening, make it easy for Jim to fall into a light doze. He moves when Bones prompts him to, with finger tips instead of words, and just floats as one by one his clothes disappear and every sore muscle is taken care of. He's almost in a full sleep when he feels his arms lifted above his head, and the soft slide of silk against his wrists.

Jim doesn't wake up until it's tightened just this side of painful, and when he does he's blinking and blinded even in the soft light of the room. "Bones? What?" he mumbles, shaking his head and trying to pull his arms back to his sides.

A large hand against his cheek, fine surgeon's fingers stroking the hair at his temple before moving up and giving one last tug on whatever's binding Jim's wrists. "What did I tell you about that tie?"

Gulping, Jim glances up at his wrists – and sees a familiar pattern of paisley encircling them, securing him to the headboard. He gives an experimental tug, testing them; it's loose enough that if he really wanted out, he could free himself – and he knows that Bones did that intentionally.

He can't help the cheeky grin that spreads across his face, as he turns back to Bones. The man is close, so close his warm breath fans Jim's cheek. But Bones isn't touching him – not a thigh against his, or a brush of his hand against Jim. "You told me that you…love it, and really think the color brings out my eyes?"

A low chuckle that makes Jim's heart beat faster, a soft intimate noise that sends shivers up his spine. Those long fingertips caress the fabric around his wrists. "Yes, that I did. But I also told you that if you decided to wear it you better be prepared for the consequences."

Admittedly, Jim had forgotten that one little detail. And if he hadn't, he certainly hadn't expected any "consequences" to steer in this direction. He shifts on the bed, pulling closer to Bones – who, Jim notices, also managed to get out of his clothes while Jim was dozing.

"And what would those be?" He lets the words hang on his lips, savoring each one as his breathing speeds up, and his tongue darts out to lick his lips. He watches as Bones' eyes follow the movement, knowing his lips will be shiny with spit – and what that always makes Bones think of.

One of the hands that was soothing sore muscles just minutes before rests on his hip, hot and possessive. His cock responds to the promise in that grip, hardening slowly as it rests against his thigh. Bones' other hand is digging in the nightstand, and a moment later reappears with a bottle of lube.

Jim's hips involuntarily twitch forward, liking where this is going. And then something completely unexpected is resting on the bed next to the lube, and he can't help when his eyes widen.

"It means I get to do whatever I want to you," Bones says, his fingers fondling the tip of something long, and thin – and pink. Then he manipulates it somehow, and a moment later it starts vibrating against the sheets.

Giving a dry laugh, Jim tries to move away – but the hand on his hip and the tie around his wrists hold him in place. "Come on, Bones – we don't need any toys – put that away."

Bones leans forward, kissing one of Jim's eyebrows, and then the corner of his lips. "I know we don't need them, but they're fun sometimes," he whispers against Jim's lips. "Let me show you. I promise, if you don't like it it'll go away and won't come back again."

He can't help that his eyes glance down at the seemingly innocent thing on the sheets, but then he looks back up at Bones – into Bones' hopeful, almost pleading eyes, and nods. It's not as if Bones has ever said no to anything he's wanted. Jim's rewarded by Bones' giving him a brilliant smile, and then a mouth on his. It's a full kiss this time, the doctor's tongue diving into his mouth as he sucks and nibbles.

His hands pull at the restraints, irritation flaring in him. Jim wants to be free, to run his hands down Bones' sides – to pull him close, and press his now hard cock against the man's thigh. He moans as the mouth leaves his, a warm tongue and soft lips exploring his jawline and sliding down his neck. As Bones' lavishes his collarbone with kisses, the doctor's hands caress his sides, his hips, and the insides of his thighs.

After several minutes, Bones releases the patch of flesh he was suckling hard enough to leave a mark, and begins traveling down – nuzzling against Jim's stomach, and laving into Jim's belly button with a questing tongue while his thumbs trace the prominent line of Jim's hipbone. But Bones is careful, and even though he's close he's pointedly avoiding touching Jim's cock. Not even a hint of a fingertip, or an accidental meeting of skin.

And it's starting to get frustrating. Bones' mouth and hands feel amazing, and make Jim want more. Lifting his hips, he tries to rub himself against Bones' chest, desperate for some kind of friction – but the man pins him down with his hands, forcing Jim to stay put.

"Bones…!" Jim says, knowing there's a whine there and not caring. This he didn't agree to.

"Not until I decide to, Darlin'," comes the soft drawl, as Bones' teeth begin nibbling the soft skin of Jim's thighs – bypassing Jim's cock completely. Jim can't help but groan, as his cock twitches against his belly.

One of those hands keeps him firmly in place as the other busies itself somewhere else. And then there's a warm hand between his legs, prompting him to spread them open as a slick finger traces light circles around his entrance. Careful lips start gently mouthing his balls, a warm tongue leaving a swath of dampness behind it.

Jim moans and bucks, half-hoping that Bones is close enough that he'll sweep himself against the other man – but no such luck, and Bones' hand stops him before he can lift very far. A soft slap against his hip as soon as he's released, and a hiss from Bones.

"Behave, or I'll stop and leave you here." The warning is accompanied by the finger that's been teasing him slipping inside. A moan escapes at the suddenness, and Jim has to force himself to hold still; everything in him wants to twitch and buck into that hand. "Good boy."

Conciliatory fingers stroke against the sting where the slap still registers, and then skim across Jim's abs and down the other side. Anywhere, everywhere, but where Jim wants to be touched the most. Bones shifts between his thighs, a warm leg pressed against his as the man sits up straighter.

Jim closes his eyes as the finger inside him twists a certain way, scraping against his prostate and causing him to moan and throw his head back. He trembles as it's joined by one of its fellows, and they both rub that spot deep inside while his cock leaks precum against his stomach.

And then, they disappear. "Bones…," He moans, desperate and so hard.

"I know, Darlin', I know," Bones murmurs, sounding half distracted. Jim whimpers, his hips involuntarily lifting as he begs for something, anything more.

Then Jim finds out why Bones sounds distracted, and where his hands were – something hard, and almost-cold bumps against the inside of his thigh, and then presses against his entrance. His need momentarily forgotten, Jim stiffens beneath Bones' hand as the vibrator slowly slides in. it's uncomfortable, and stiff, too cool to the touch and definitely not human. Even lubed, it just feels awkward. His nose wrinkles, and his eyes fly open.

"Just relax," says Bones, as his free hand reaches up and begins gently kneading Jim's balls. It feels good, and Jim can't help but melt under the touch. His cock twitches again, still alone and aggravated, as the toy slowly slides in and out of him.

After a bit, Jim gets comfortable with the different sensation, and he starts to enjoy it. He moans and grinds himself down onto it as far as the hand-restraints will let him – and nearly jumps out of his skin when the thing suddenly comes alive inside him.

He'd forgotten about the vibration. It's weird, and he squirms as he feels it shivering against his insides. "Bones –" he begins, about to tell him to stop – but then, as it's sliding in and out of him, Bones' sure fingers tweak the angle just a little so it rides against his prostate.

And his body arches, lifting off the bed as he cries out in surprise – almost coming, right there, with absolutely no contact to his cock. He can feel a large drop of precum ooze out of him, pooling on his belly. The vibrator stops moving, Bones holding it at that exact angle to stimulate his prostate, as the doctor's fingers dip down into the pool of precum.

His eyes riveted to Bones' face, he watches as the man licks every last drop from his fingers, with an intense expression. "You were going to say something, Jim?" the doctor murmurs, a grin lurking in the corners of his lips. As he speaks, he pumps the vibrator in and out, in and out, hitting Jim's prostate to highlight every word.

"Hhnnnngggggh," is all that Jim can manage, his head rolling back as his dick hardens so much it's painful. Bones is playing with his balls, the toy is doing unimaginable things to him, and it's too much to handle.

"If you're not careful, I'm going to think you're actually enjoying yourself," Bones says, and Jim can hear the grin in his tone.

"Please…," Jim gasps, the word broken as he cants his hips forward in supplication.

One more gentle squeeze, and Bones' palm leaves his balls, only to graze ever-so-gently against the head of Jim's cock, making him moan and whimper. The trembling returns, every limb shaking as Jim resists the desperate urge to rub up and against that resistance – but he knows that will just result in it being taken away, and possibly not returned.

His hands itch, and he flexes them as he's overcome with the impulse to grasp Bones by the hair, and lower that smirking mouth to his cock – and fuck his brains out for what the doctor's been doing to him.

Bones' smirk just gets bigger as he takes in the expression on Jim's face. One more stroke against his prostate, and with a slow drag the vibrator is pulled out. It's as if aftershocks still exist, and he can still feel it inside him even though he's left empty and gasping.

"Now, for your reward for being a good boy…," Bones says, shifting so he's kneeling with his weight on his knees. Jim is distracted momentarily from his own need, as he gets a good view of Bones' cock for the first time since this whole thing began – and it's deep purple, so hard it's smacking against his stomach. He licks his lips, wanting…wanting everything.

"Fuck me," he moans, spreading his legs further and lifting his hips in open invitation.

Bones smiles, and lays his hand on Jim's thigh again in open possession. "Maybe later. But right now I have to give you something, because you gave me what I wanted…." Then he's silent again, his other hand reaching for the lube and spreading it on long fingers once again.

But instead of slipping them inside Jim's waiting hole, Bones reaches beneath himself – and presses inside. Long, and slow, his eyes half-closing as he penetrates himself. "Fuck, Jim." His voice is low, and deep, and ragged with desire as a second digit joins the first – and then a third. Then Bones pumps his fingers, hard and fast, and Jim watches as a drop of pre-cum escapes and slides down the head of Bones' cock. It's the hottest thing that Jim has seen in his entire life – so he whispers it, making Bones' pump even faster. And even though he didn't think it was physically possible, he gets harder as he drinks in the sight of Bones preparing himself.

One last twist inside him, and then Bones pulls them out. Moving forward on the bed, he shifts until he's straddling Jim's hips – still on his knees. Then Bones reaches behind himself, and grasps Jim's cock, the simple contact enough to elicit a groan from Jim.

Carefully, he's positioned and he can feel himself press against Bones' entrance. He wants, so desperately, and he doesn't think he can hold himself back but somehow he manages to hold still – and just watch as Bones lowers himself inch by inch, impaling himself on Jim's cock.

"Fuck, Bones, I –" and he can't say anything else, can't even think anything else as he's gone past the point of desire to every nerve being a burning pinprick of need and want. His hips jerk up, against his will, his cock desperate for some movement, some friction, anything to free the pressure that's been building inside him.

Another slap to his hip, and then Bones has his hands resting on Jim's sides, holding him down so he can't move. Bones is moving, slow so damn slow up and down. The sensation, the feel of Bones' hot sheath around Jim's cock after so long without any type of touch has the pressure inside Jim close to exploding and he's not even moving fast.

He whimpers, tugging at the restraints, trying to free himself. But this time it's so he can touch Bones, because the man has this beautiful fucking hot expression on his face as he slowly rides Jim up and down. And with Bones' hands holding Jim pinned, the doctor's cock is left bobbing between them – and Jim wants to touch, to stroke and bring Bones to the edge with him.

The man just smiles again, lifting one hand to trail his fingertips against Jim's bicep – calming the frustrated movement. "Just hold still a little bit longer, Jim, let me get there too." It comes out more of a gasp, as Bones' free hand moves back. But instead of resting on Jim's side again, it wraps around Bones' cock and starts pumping furiously.

A low moan escapes Bones' parted lips, and his eyes close as he throws his head back. He begins moving fast, pounding Jim's cock into his ass in time with the strokes on his cock. The muscles of his thighs flex and shift as he moves, and Jim can't look away. All thoughts of touch completely leave his mind, as he stares, enraptured at the sight.

He feels the pressure that was coiling in his balls explode outward. He moans deep and low, keeping his eyes open to not lose a single moment of what Bones is doing. Jim's hands flex in their bonds as wave after wave of sensation flow through his body, every nerve tingling as Bones pumps him for every last drop.

As the last ripple shudders through Jim's body, Bones reaches his pinnacle – and Bones grunts as stream after stream of sticky fluid pour from his cock, coating Jim's belly and chest. His hand on Jim's side clenches tight enough to leave bruises as every muscle in his body tenses.

They're left gasping afterwards, coming back to themselves together as they breathe in sync. Shaking himself after several long moments, Bones reaches up with hands that are still trembling and undoes the knot on the tie. Finally freed of the restraint, Jim runs his hands up Bones' sides, pulling him down for a tender kiss.

With a smile, he rolls over, pinning Bones under his side and curling into his shoulder. A yawn escapes, making Bones chuckle as he runs his fingers through Jim's hair and pulls him closer, wrapping an arm around the other man. "Sleep, Jim – you deserve it. I'll clean up later."

He's past the point of exhaustion, every part of him sated and loose – he's certainly not going to protest. Jim closes his eyes and falls asleep, listening to the sound of Bones' heartbeat strong at his ear and with skilled fingertips tracing patterns on his skin.



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