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brytewolf: (Default)
Tuesday, September 3rd, 2030 01:15 pm
My journal is getting pretty full of stuff, so I am going to keep everything listed here for easy access. This has been sticki-fied (Thank you [ profile] avictoriangirl ) so it should stick to the top for people to get to. I'm probably going to regret doing this, cause it's just another thing I have to update -- but I've been meaning to for a while ^_^

STAR TREK: 2009 FANFICTION BY [ profile] brytewolf

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brytewolf: (Fenris - sad eye)
Monday, April 1st, 2019 07:56 pm
Series: A Feeling of Something
Author:  [ profile] brytewolf
Fandom: Dragon Age 2
Pairing: Mage F!Hawke/Fenris
Rating: Hard R
Genre: Romance, Hurt/Comfort, Drama, Character Study
Length: ~ 5,700 total, unfinished
Disclaimer: Much as I love these characters, I do not own them. They belong to all the geniuses over at Bioware, may they always continue to make games that touch my heart.
Summary: The way is muddied, full of darkness and doubt. But through it all he was always beside her - a constant presence, that meant more than he could ever truly understand.

A/N: A series of one-shots woven into the story line of Dragon Age 2, extending and delving deeper into what occurs, giving greater insights into Hawke and, through her, Fenris.

These will contain spoilers for the game, and while they were created with a general order in mind, it is not necessary to follow this order for enjoyment purposes, as they are all self-contained stories.

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