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Birthdate:Aug 24
Location:San Antonio, Texas, United States of America
I’ve been devouring books since I found out that there were other worlds I could visit. There have been so many worlds I have returned to again and again, and have become parts of my heart. My hope, with my stories, is that they can touch people too. Maybe not as deeply as the worlds that have become so dear to me, but if they can touch you even a little bit, I’ve done my job!

I read mostly slash/yaoi pairings in fanfiction. Once I get attached to a pairing, I’m hooked for life, and I’ll usually suck up as many of the fanficcies as I can. That’s why I don’t have a lot of fandoms I subscribe to, but I am deeply entrenched in the ones that I do. My favorites are:

Star Trek 2009: Kirk/Spock

Gundam Wing: DuoxHeero, DuoxTrowa

Final Fantasy VII: Rude/Reno
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